Claire McCauley, a native to the midwest, grew up as one of five siblings. She found her voice in the visual arts, and pursued a BFA in Illustration from Northern Illinois University. Following graduation, she spent several years in Chicago at Lillstreet Art Center. Her work is heavily influenced by the time spent studying illustrative storytelling and the natural world.



I feel the need protect and be protected in this time of uncertainty. I worry about the natural environment and the bonds between all of us who inhabit the earth.

Chaos and beauty find a harmonious balance inside the havens I construct: A sense of peace and calm amongst a myriad of details. I create narratives that are both a reflection of myself and the people I love. The structures are a safe haven for my characters and the guardians that accompany them.

The relationship between the two is symbotic. I don’t want the characters in my narratives to be alone. Each guardian is the embodiment of a quietly sculpted prayer that in my own life I will not be alone. 


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