Contemporary ceramics, handmade in Saint Pete.


Created with love and care.

All items are 100% hand-made, using stonewares, porcelains, and high quality colors.

These pieces are both beautiful and tactile, making for a truly unique experience when in use. 

Each vessel is wheel thrown, cleaned, and colored slip is applied to the places where every small ball of colored clay is attached. Each one is rolled out and added individually to the surface using a needle tool, and glazed with clear. 


Sculptural Works

Using clay I create narratives that are the reactions I have to loss, the desire for connection, and reflect the ebb and flow I have with my own mental health. Inspired by flora and the natural world, I utilize intricate and repetitive textures to represent all of the monumental emotions felt. The scale of my work invites the viewer to come closer and inspect the object on a personal level...


“I’ve gotten so many comments on your mug. It’s such a great conversation starter!”

– Christina J.